Soul-Lee Native Flora

Visits by appointment Thursday to Sunday 9:00 to 4:00 Please phone or text if wanting to visit. 0422 452 132

Soul-Lee Native Flora
Australian Native Plant Nursery

Native Tubestock,100 mm and 140mm pots for SE Qld conditions

I do not generally deal in cultivated or hybridised Grevillea, Melaleuca (Callistemon) or Syzygium genus, However there are sometimes unusual ones purchased for resale.
Most of the plants I sell are not usually found in the general nurseries

I grow from seed, cuttings and occasionally buy in tubes for resale.

Plants which are grown from seed are from cultivated plants of known local provenance, or from in ground stock and wild plant seeds are collected with landowners permission.

Plant stock purchased for resale is sourced from growers in Northern NSW and SE Qld.(Brisbane, Malaney and Sunshine Coast)

Plants grown from cuttings are from my own stock plants or garden.

Some Northern NSW species and bush food plants available from time to time.

All plants are sun hardened before being sold. (except for shade and under story plants)

Pots are watered using tank water.
No toxic chemicals are used on the stock in the main nursery.


Notelaea ipsviciensis