This bushland friendly nursery is run from a suburban block by Wendy Clark-Hackett who holds a Dual Diploma in Horticulture for Amenity Horticulture and Parks and Gardens.

Soul-Lee is open for visits from Thursday to Sunday. 9:00am to 4:00pm. Because it is a sole proprietary, visits are by appointment only and it is requested that anybody wanting to visit please phone first to see if I am home.

No mail order or courier delivered orders available. Local delivery is available around Ipswich, Brisbane and Boonah areas only and will incur a delivery charge.

Soul-Lee’s aim is to supply local provenance (or as close to as possible) species. All plants are sun hardened before being sold, (except the shade plants). Seedlings and pots are watered using tank water. No chemicals sprays are used on the stock out on the benches – most insects are taken care of by the wild bird and frog populations and the ones which escape detection are destroyed manually with either a fingernail or a foot. If the caterpillars get out of hand Dipel is used which is an environmentally friendly bacteria which only affects caterpillars. Watering regimes are adjusted to the seasons to minimise the danger of fungal infections. If fungus or mildews are detected they are sprayed with a stinging nettle and comfrey ‘tea’.

Measures are taken to ensure all plants brought on to the property are free from Fire Ants and Myrtle Rust. Constant checks for Myrtle Rust are made to all potted plants. If this rust is ever detected on the stock plants, then the spraying of all affected and non-affected Myrtacea plants will be carried out in an enclosed area to minimise the effects on the habitat we have created.

I grow and sell Australian Native plants for small revegetation projects, nurseries and the general public located around the Brisbane/Ipswich area. Most of the plants are grown from seed sourced locally or from within the SE Qld corner, however due to the inconsistency of seed production on some natives, tubestock is sometimes brought in for re-sale. Wild collections are taken by permission of property owners or from cultivated plants know to be of local provenance. Collections are kept strictly to the guidelines for seed collection from the Florabank guidelines.
Seedling tubestock purchased for resale, is sourced from SE Qld and Northern NSW from wholesalers and revegetation nurseries who deal in local provenance plants.

Stock includes endangered or vulnerable species from dry vine scrub to dry rain-forest communities, which are found growing locally in SE Qld and Northern NSW. There are sometimes bush food plants available along with a spattering of North Qld’s hardier plants.